​About the Sage Guide

The Sage Guide is here to help! It's easy to get caught off guard in ethical decision-making. After all, adults don't always know the most ethical choice either, right? And what is the safest way to handle a potentially dangerous situation? The guide may help the Sage target points that are being overlooked by the player.  
Remember: this guide contains suggestions. You may not agree with some of these answers, and that's ok! It's a resource for those who want one. It's based on research and collective experiences, and should be reviewed before playing for the full benefit. Remember to let the players answer first before offering additional insights or guiding with questions!  

You will need your password from the game instructions in the box to download the Sage Guide below. 

Sage Guide
Brixiples® Definitions

Ethics can simply be defined for children as knowing and doing what is “right.” Values are the set of rules we apply to make ethical choices.

Safety refers to recognition and smart management of real threats at home, school, public places, and the homes of friends or relatives. Topics include guns, drugs, smoke/fire/matches, strangers, cars, texting, wild animals, pets, bikes, unwelcome touch and more.

Common Sense refers to sound judgment in practical matters and involves an astute understanding of context as well as application of the above principles. Courtesy refers to kindness in the context of social norms and respect and empathy for all beings.
Wild Cards represent a potpourri of questions, statements that do not require an answer, and instructions. They cover many principles represented in the other categories but in novel ways. 

The Sage is an adult facilitator who may be a parent, educator, or counselor. They facilitate the game by creating a safe, respectful, and open environment where children are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences. The Sage may use the Sage Guide on this website. 
The Sage should review all cards and the Sage Guide before playing, as an opportunity to remove cards they feel are not appropriate for their children, and to think about answers they want to encourage. Adults should try to lead children to discuss important aspects of the suggested answers rather than dictate responses. They should strive to create a safe and non-judgmental environment.​

Sage Guide is the living document only on this website designed to help the Sage facilitate the game. It may be downloaded and printed with the password in the game box. This guide represents suggested answers, background and rationale for questions. It is not included with the game, because it will be updated as I receive feedback. The game questions do not have "right" answers! But...there are suggested answers. Adults may be caught off guard, unsure of how they would expect a child to respond. Some will wish to guide the children toward answers different from those in the Sage Guide. It is a useful tool chock full of ideas, and should be consulted to gain the full experience of the game. ​​